Dean Pallen

Sunswept Sunday is a collection of rare Duke Ellington and Billy
Strayhorn compositions played on piano and soprano sax. The intention
was to strip the Ellington sound down to its essence. The songs are
drawn from all periods of their careers. Yet the songs, some of which
are 70 years old, sound as if they were meant to be recorded now in
the present.

The Song List:
1. Love has Passed Me By (Billy Strayhorn) 6:33
2. Yearning for Love (Duke Ellington) 3:30
3. Lament for an Orchid (Billy Strayhorn) 6:43
4. Smada (Duke Ellington) 5:00
5. Sunswept Sunday (Duke Ellington) 4:53
6. Azalea (Duke Ellington) 5:00
7. Country Gal (Duke Ellington) 3.03
8. Don’t You Know I Care (Duke Ellington) 5:00
9. To the Bitter (Duke Ellington) 4:34
10. Sonata (Billy Strayhorn) 5:00

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