About Rimbombante: (Press Kit)

Rimbombante, a Spanish term that denotes something flamboyant or having a strong resonance, is a band dedicated to playing music inspired by the rhythms of Latin America.
Una Aventura Más, Rimbombante's first CD captures Rimbombante's love of bolero music.
Although today, Rimbombante plays strictly original compositions, the Bolero influence remains strong but it is mixed in with other Latin musical styles to broaden Rimbombante's creative template. The musicians in Rimbombante have worked in a variety of jazz, experimental-music and World-Beat groups like Raivo, Kingdom Shore, Florquestra Brazil, Shaman Rhythms, and Caridad Cruz.

The Members of Rimbombante
Salomon Carillo: Percussion
Gerg Horvath: Stand up Bass
Dean Pallen: Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Evandro Gracelli: Guitar
Arien Villegas: Drums

Rimbombante: Una Aventura Más

About seven years ago I started to make regular trips to South America, Cuba and Mexico and this is where I really cemented my affection and appreciation for what I came to understand to be Bolero music. I started collecting Bolero music from all across Latin America. For the uninitiated, Bolero music was born in Cuba and developed into different styles in places like Mexico and Puerto Rico. A bolero is played slowly but with a strong rhythmic quality that provides a foundation for melodies that are mostly sung in a highly dramatic manner. The jazz musician will easily pick up on the sophisticated chord arrangements that often underpin a bolero. In terms of complexity, a classic bolero song often has a similar structure to a jazz ballad but with different rhythmic qualities. To hear a bolero sung by one of the greats can be a real treat for someone from a Nordic country. We are not as used to hearing a singer pour every bit of their being into a song the way a bolero singer will. They somehow sound familiar yet remain very exotic. Some of the bolero singers that I have come to love include Antonio Machín, Lucho Gatica, Toña la Negra, Armando Manzanero and Raul Shaw Moreno. In addition to be being very capable performers, these singers share a sense for the dramatic that works well in the often very sparse or very lush arrangements of Bolero music. The melodies are often highly captivating and memorable in the same way one a jazz standard can be. Una Aventura Más is Rimbombante’s tribute to the Bolero greats but includes original music like Locura Habanera.

The Songs
Una Aventura Más
Angelitos Negros.
Locura Habanera
No te empeñes Más
Vereda Tropical
No Me Platiques Más
Cuando Yo Estaba Perdido
Cuando Ya no me Quieras
Corazón Loco
Un Baile de Más

For more information on where to purchase Una Aventura Más please
contact: Majunga@magma.ca
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Rimbombante: “21 Extra Days of Summer” (recording date 2011)

This will be an album made up entirely of Rimbombante originals that are
being tested in practices sessions and live performances. We will
keep you posted.